To Move Mountains has selected a total of 25 high school students to attend a high performing school in Uganda, far away from the bombing and fighting in the Nuba Mountains. The students were selected by academic performance across different regions and tribes within the Nuba Mountains. The best performing boys and girls from each county were interviewed with their families. The interview was to determine the desire of the student to come back to help their people upon graduation. Special priority was also given to any students that were orphaned as a result of the war. One boy and one girl were chosen from each county to receive the scholarship.


This scholarship does not only change the lives of these 25 individuals, but it is an investment in the future education of Nuba children. A contract was made with every student--including members of the student's family-and the local ministry of education which requires scholarship recipients to return to the Nuba Mountains as teachers after completing their education in Uganda. These new teachers will undergo a 6-month teacher training provided by TMM to learn a new, contextualized curricula that uses innovative teaching methods to promote critical thinking.


To Move Mountains is currently raising $30,000 per year to get these 25 students to graduation.

How can you help? Become a monthly donor! $100 per month pays for tuition, travel, food, and books for one student.